Results for Weekend 6-19-09

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!

Green Mountain Relay

Jessie Posilkin and Mandie Samuels participated in Vermont’s Green Mountain 200 mile Relay!

Congratulations to them, they finished their 6X6 women’s ultra team in 2nd place in this division (Wombat Team) with 26:50, averaging 8:10 mm.
Check out their victory dance on Facebook.

Great Job Ladies!

Grandma’s Marathon

Christian Hicks and Deena Johnson run it together in 5:26:10
Way to go you two, we miss you! 🙂

Andrew Daly in 45:04
Stephanie Denis in 49:57

Cheryl & Dash in 26:35
She can run faster, it was just hot! 😉



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