Results for Weekend 9-18-10

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Run! Geek! Run! 8k
Photo from RunWashington

Nice Job!
Mary Davison is 4th/1st AG in 31:28


Navy Federal 5k

Richard Rapine in 17:12
Erica Nemmers wins in 19:15
Will Ellison in 20:33


Air Force Half Marathon
Photo from Brightroom

Carson McHale in


Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon
Photos from ASIorders

Great Job!

Yuri Horwitz in 1:14:11
Tim Tobey in 1:23:04
Tara Guelig in 1:24:38


Tenley Ludewig in 1:36:48
Adam Berlin in 1:48:55



ING Philadelphia RNR Half
Photos from ASIorders

Great Job Runners!

Eugene Holmes in 1:21:31

Bob Ferry is 2nd in AG in 1:22:06

George Buckheit in 1:23:53

JT Dean in 1:25:55

Katie Sheedy in 1:28:15

Katie Muething in 1:28:47

Sharon Donovan in 1:29:42
(l-r)-Jessica McGuire, Emma Mellamphy, Maria Kozloski, Sharon Donovan

Maria Kozloski in 1:31:06

Mandie Samuels in 1:32:06


Jessica McGuire in 1:32:31


Gustavo Olmedo in 1:32:51


Emma Mellamphy in 1:32:53
(l-r)-Jessica McGuire, Emma Mellamphy, Maria Kozloski, Sharon Donovan

George Cernat in 1:34:36

Megan Parker in 1:35:02

Cathy Butler in 1:36:53

Andy Chosak in 1:37:40

Mark Yarnell 1:38:07

Kathleen Walters in 1:41:06

Amy Shopkorn in 1:43:54 and Beth Gilbert in 1:44:16
(l-r) Amy Shopkorn, Liz Bolton, Beth Gilbert

Liz Bolton in 1:44:19

Alexis McCoy in 1:45:17

Tara Cucullu in 1:46:17

Gwen Hyland 1:46:20

Marcy Maple in 1:50:52

No picture 🙁

Jim Brown 1:54:07

No picture 🙁

Skip Joslin in 1:56:29

Alice Joe 1:58:46
Behind the guy in red

Rebecca Rorke 2:03:56

No picture


Cheryl Brown 2:04:27

Mary Smith in 2:06:49

Zita Rostas in 2:07:10

Cheryl Young in 1:49:51


(l-r) George Cernat, Gustavo Olmedo, Eugene Holmes, Jessica McGuire, George Buckheit, Emma Mellamphy, Maria Kozloski, Sharon Donovan, Bob Ferry


George Cernat and Eugene Holmes


Mary Smith and Rebecca Rorke




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