As noted above, Susanna Sullivan ran 2:25:14 (PR; splits 1:12:57/1:12:17) to finish 6th overall at the Chicago Marathon, followed by Laurel LeMoigne in 2:54:37, Cris Burbach in 3:24:40, Andrea Delgado in 3:49:43 and Jessenia Delgado in 4:25:12 (PR: splits 2:13:03/2:12:09). 

Sarah Payne finished 6th overall at the Coastal 1 Women’s Classic 5k in 19:00.58 (so close to her sub 19 goal!).

At the Army 10 Miler, Rachel Viger continued the weekend’s 6th place overall female theme with her 57:41 PR, followed by Bailey Wilson in 1:03:49 (PR), Kylee Carrillo in 1:06:29 (PR), Sarah Whitworth in 1:06:33 (that’s her Mom PR….you get to reset all of your PRs after you’ve had kids), Emma Unterkoefler in 1:07:41, Tisha Wheeler in 1:11:27, Laura Chipkin in 1:15:00, Caroline Lauver in 1:17:14, Kimi Markovich in 1:18:46, Lauren Shaub Sanchez in 1:22:39 and Rebecca Grady in 1:29:02. On the men’s side, Tom Rammelkamp was our top CAR finisher in 52:58 (14th overall), followed by Philippe Rolly in 54:19 (2nd overall master; 1st in the 50-54 AG in a new event record), Thomas Ryba in 56:37 (PR), Alex Peterson in 56:59 (PR), Eric Genetti in 1:00:20 (PR; 5th in the 45-49 AG), David Kent in 1:01:04 (3rd in the 50-54 AG), Matt Stout in 1:01:38 (PR), David McKenzie in 1:02:56 (PR), Dave Resnick in 1:06:42, Matteo Iacoviello in 1:07:11, Chris Carney in 1:08:46, Will Ellison in 1:09:02, Nic Franklin in 1:10:18 (PR), JD Hala in 1:10:35 and Juan Sanchezin 1:22:40. 

If I missed anyone, and I feel like I did since the wave starts made it tough for me to keep track of who we had out there on the course, please drop me a note and I’ll include your result in next week’s newsletter. Congrats to everyone who raced!

Photos below (left to right): Rachel Viger and Tom Rammelkamp were our top women’s and men’s finishers at ATM and Kylee Carrillo, followed by Matteo Iacoviello, smashed her previous PR by 4 minutes.



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