10/25/2008 – Race Results

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!

Marine Corp. Marathon
Cheryl’s Photos can be viewed here!

Congratulations Runners!!!

Lot’s of PR’s out there for everyone!!

John Herc in 3:09:34
John Herc

Bethany Huber in 3:13:02
Bethany Huber

Anne Feldman in 3:20:06
Anne Feldman

Matt Thuesen in 3:24:56
in your 4th marathon this year!
MCM Matt Thuesen

Mandie Samuels in 3:25:26

Mandie Samuels

Janie Hayes in 3:29:42

Janie Hayes

Jimmy Bisese in 3:30:02
Jimmy Bises

Hina Ayoub in 3:33:06

Hina Ayoub, photo by Marathonfoto.com

Sarah Ziherl in 3:33:27
Sarah Ziherl!  How did I forget you?? Great Job!

Adam Berlin in 3:41:09

Adam savoring his post race refreshment, while Coach George congratulates him on his first marathon!

Robert Spicuzza in3:41:37
Robert Spicuzza

Liz Bolton in 3:45:33
Liz Bolton

Leonard Napolitano in 3:49:13

Nappy! I kept missing you!
But I got every other guy
wearing a yellow shirt!
Nappy, photo by Marathonfoto.com

Erin Bereit in 4:00:18
Yay! Erin Bereit

Deby Spicuzza in 4:05:12
Deby Spicuzza

Sasha Sibert in 3:51:14

Sasha, I never saw you! 🙁

Nicole Seamonds in 3:55:58
Nicole Seamonds

Kay LaBanca in 4:17:05
Way to Go, Kay!

Jonathan Snow in 4:21:00
Jonathan Snow, photo by Marathonfoto.com

Great Job! Willy Pajuelo in 4:46:20
Willy Pajuelo photo from marathonfoto.com

Way to Go!

Elvis Compton in 5:45:33
Elvis Compton, photo from marathonfoto.com

Jason Knight in 4:46:52
Jason Knight

Kara Covert in 5:38:17
Kara Covert

Marine Corp. 10k

Gustavo Olmedo
in 39:46
– 1st in AG!
Gustavo! Way to go!  photo by Marathonfoto
BrownRigg Snow
in 48:31
Brownrigg!  photo from marathonfoto.com



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Also at the Races
The Pacers|Brooks Elit
e Racing Team
see how they fared:

Marine Corp. Marathon

Tim Fahey takes 11th
in 2:30:12 (PR)
Lindsay Wilkins is 2nd
in 2:49:06(PR)
Lindsay Wilkins MCM, Photo by JJ Gilday

Chris Farley in 2:49:00
Chris Farley,MCM photo by JJ Gilday

Bob Ferry in 2:50:07
Bob Ferry MCM, photo by JJ Gilday

Lindsay Wilkins, Chris Farley and part of Bob Ferry - (sorry Bob!)

Mary Beth Muething is 6th Overall
in 2:55:54 (PR)
Mary Beth Muething

Ashley Griffith in 3:02:50

Ashley Griffith

Hilary Cairns in 3:03:48

Hilary Cairns

Marine Corp. 10k

Erica Nemmers is 2nd in 39:01 (no pic :()

Wolf Trap 5k

Mary Christopher wins the women’s race in 19:58
Lewis Butler places 3rd in the men’s race in 16:15