Results for Weekend 12-12-10

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Jingle All the Way 10k
Photo of Claire Hallissey by Lea Gallardo/courtesy of
All other photos from Brightroom

Team Capital Area Runners comes in 2nd!
2:24:20 CAPITAL AREA RUNNERS (average 36:05)

Rich Saunders is 4th male in 33:04
Claire Hallissey is 1st female in 35:16
Photo of Claire Hallissey winning the 2010 Jingle All the Way 10k in antlers by Lea Gallardo/courtesy of


Tim Tobey in 37:45


Laurel Jefferson is 3rd in 38:15


JT Dean in 38:42


Christine Rehwald is 8th in 39:50


T K Yang in 40:09


Liz Elko is 2nd in AG in 41:18


Cheryl Young is 3rd in AG in 43:12


Gerard Cabrol is 1st in AG in 44:25


Gaby Grebski in 44:33


Matt Hallissey in 46:51


No Pic! 🙁


Hina Ayub in 49:18


Katie Brownell in 53:18 and Elizabeth Bolton in 53:18

Zita Rostas in 56:25


NYRRC Jingle Bell Jog 4 Miler
Photos from Brightroom


Bryan Taylor is 5th in AG in 23:08
Kerry O’Brien is 2nd in AG in 29:13



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