Results for Weekend 2-12-11

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


VA is for Lovers 14k
Photo from RunWashington

Congrats on 3rd Place finish to Mary Davison in 56:12


Birmingham Mercedes Marathon
Photos from Brightroom

John Lui PR’s in 8 minutes with 3:27


Love the Run You’re With 5k
Photos by Brian Knight at SwimBikeRunPhoto

Rich Saunders is 7th overall/1st in AG in 15:45
Liz Elko is 2nd in AG in 19:45
(1st place Co-Dependent Team M/F, with BF Jerry Greenlaw 14:59)


JJ Gilday in 19:48


Cheryl Young in 20:53


Beth Gilbert in 22:25


Tara Cucullu in 23:41


Katie Ingram PR’s with 24:15 and Amy Shopkorn in 24:15 (Amy is 1st half of 2nd place F/F Co-Dependent Team!)
Katie in white, Amy behind the woman in blue


Lauren Proctor in 25:33
(2nd half of 2nd place F/F Co-Dependent Team!)

Can’t find pic!


Liz Bolton in 25:34

Can’t find pic!


Kate Sayer in 25:54

Can’t find pic!


Birthday Boy-Monkey Wes Tucker in 26:02

Can’t find pic!

If I was unable to find your pic or you found a better one, please email me!


Mardi Gras Half Marathon
Photos from ASIorders

Kathleen Walters gets a new PR in 1:39:37

Angela Stewart & Bill Kennedy finish together in 1:56:38

waving in upper left hand corner!
Nice Job, now go have some fun!!


Ft. Belvoir Couples 5k

Anna Russell and Daniel Zielaski win the Couples 5k!!
Congratulations you two!!




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