Results for Weekend 3-12-11

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Four Courts Four
Photos from SwimBikeRun Photo

Lauren Shaub in 26:41
Beth Gilbert in 29:24 (sorry, that’s the best pic I found)

Amy Shopkorn in 30:34

Amanda Morken in 43:15


St. Patrick’s Day 8k
Photos from Brightrooom

Capital Area Runners comes in 2nd in Team Competition!
Great job runners!

Bennett Stackhouse in 27:50
Romain Mareuil in 29:17


Laurel Jefferson is 7th in 29:57


Christopher Carney in 30:44


Christine Rehwald is 1st in AG in 31:06


Liz Elko is 1st in AG in 32:32


Anna Russell is 2nd in AG in 32:34


Karina Lubell in 33:00


Dorothy Beal in 33:48


No pic



Gustavo Olmedo in 33:53


Cristina Burbach in 33:55


Cheryl Young in 35:02


Kathy Hoenig in 35:18

No Pic



Emma Mellamphy in 35:22


Emily Meeker in 35:51


Christine Galvin-Combet in 38:10


Gerard Cabrol in 38:20


Christine Hackman in 39:14


Andy & Mary Beth Chosak in 38:56
Still our cutest couple on the run!

Liz Bolton in 39:32


Katharina Falkner Olmedo in 40:41

Sara Haut in 41:04


Greg Barnhart in 43:23 (his chip time didn’t post though!)


Shamrock 5k

Jessica McGuire in 19:57




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