Results for Weekend 3-17-12

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Rock N’ Roll USA Full and Half Marathon
Proof photos by MarathonFoto
Cheryl Photos here
with some of those cropped in our Facebook album
Additional Photos by Patte Brownell of our Capital Area Runners are located HERE (Thank you Patte!)

Great job in very hot conditions!

Half Marathon

Richard Rapine in 1:19:56

Kevin D’Amanda in 1:21:26

Chris Carney in 1:25:15

Jillian Pollack in 1:27:11

Chris Metzger in 1:28:10

Cris Burbach in 1:28:57

Mike Miller in 1:29:42

Ann Battle in 1:30:06


Jenny Ratzel in 1:33:10

Heather Jelen in 1:33:31


Tammy Lamantia in 1:33:45

Jamey Burden in 1:33:53


Laura Chipkin in 1:35:30

Beth Gilbert in 1:38:31

Jessica Karazsia in 1:43:31

Stephanie Denis in 1:43:52

Catherine Andrews in 1:43:57

Angela Stewart in 1:44:37

Katharina Olmedo in 1:47:27

Jamie Burket in 1:47:48

Maria Sherwell in 1:48:01

Skip Joslin in 1:48:43

Gustavo Olmedo in 1:50:02

Steve Lamantia in 1:54:14

Rebecca Rorke in 1:58:07 & Marie Van Dam in 1:59:42

Katie Ingram in 2:01:45


Kristen Hadjuk in 2:09:10

No pic yet



Tim Tobey in 3:01:03
Ashley Duerr is 2nd in AG in 3:15:30

John Lui in 3:19:19

Clayton Hamilton in 3:27:39

Janie Hayes is 2nd in AG in 3:29:15


Emily Gousen in 3:29:51

Katie Muething & Mary Beth Chosak in 3:44:12

Jon Taillon in 3:48:19

Jessica Case in 3:51:10


Hina Ayub in 3:53:18


Crystal Maguire in 3:56:40

Andrea Nelson in 3:59:03

Thom Ingram in 4:16:15

Amanda Morken in 5:40:48


Shamrock Full and Half Marathon
Photos by Jessica Karazsia

Great job!

Half Marathon

Rich Saunders in 1:12:18

Courtney Chapman in 1:21:30

Nora O’ Malley in 1:25:20

Mary Davison in 1:26:05


John Lui in 3:22:27
Tara Cucullu in 3:56:54

Melissa Van Gelder in 3:59:05

Chris Guarraia in 4:13:xx


Run to Get Lucky 15k

Great job!
John Herc is 4th OA & 1st in AG in 59:10


Wishing all our Runners a Fun, Festive Weekend!



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