Results for Weekend 3-20-10

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


National Marathon & Half Marathon
Cheryl’s pictures are here

Brightroom Pics are here

Great job Capital Area Runners!


Matt Cavanaugh is 2nd in AG
in 2:40:42

Way to Go Matt!

Mary Beth Chosak finishes 3rd female

MB Great 3rd place finish!


Katie Muething in 3:08:39
Way to Go Katie


Chris Cassatt in 3:18:51
Go Chris Cassatt


Andie Nelson in 4:17:21


Kay LaBanca in 4:18:01


Zita Rostas in 4:25:44


Matt Tourville in 4:46:28


Half Marathon:
Photos from Brightroom

Andrew Jacobson is 3rd in AG in 1:18:21
Kate Neeper is 5th in 1:21:01
Kate Walker is 7th/1st AG in 1:21:57


Katie Sheedy in 1:25:50


Eugene Holmes in 1:26:32


Bethany Huber in 1:27:02


Liz Elko 3rd in AG in 1:27:10


Gustavo Olmedo is 3rd in AG in 1:27:29


Toni Diegoli in 1:28:40


Emily Hankin in 1:28:52


Anna Russell in 1:31:12


Sarah Taylor in 1:31:18


George Cernat in 1:31:21


Will Ellison in 1:31:55


Emma Mellamphy in 1:32:32


Andre Karr in 1:33:52


Cheryl Young is 3rd in AG in 1:33:56


Andrew Daly in 1:37:12


Dan Lesniak in 1:37:26
sorry you are so sick Dan!


Maria Sherwell in 1:39:41


Kerry O’Brien in 1:41:16


Kent Lindamood in 1:45:49


Alexis McCoy in 1:45:52


Angela Stewart in 1:42:03


Catherine Crow in 1:47:15
Go Catherine!


Skip Joslin in 1:49:10

Richard Sudder in 1:52:11


Iden Martyn in 1:52:20



Bill Kennedy in 1:52:27


Evan Perlman in 1:59:15


Tamara Smith in 2:01:04


Katie Bolton in 2:02:59


Sarah Haut in 2:04:58


Liz Bolton in 2:05:15


Karen Bagdasarian in 2:11:29



Great Job Everyone!!
Maria and Will Celebrate victory with Jessica!

George, Will, Maria, Jessica, Cheryl & Eugene Woo Hoo!

Katie and Mary Beth celebrate with Coach George!

Andy and MB Chosak celebrate with sister Katie Muething! Great Marathons!


GC Round Shamrock 5k

Way to go!

Mary Smith wins AG in 26:57!
Whoo Hoo!


Hat 50k

Way to go!

Susan Tang in 7:55:16
with her mom, Marilyn Ludwig in 8:28:55!


Shamrock Half Marathon
Photos from Brightroom

Sweet Job!

Ashley Griffith 1:26:50
Mary Davison is 1st in AG with 1:28:14




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