Results from 3-26-11

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


National Marathon and Half Marathon
Photos of Anna Russell & Greg Barnhart by Will Ellison
Photos of Marathoner by Cheryl Young
All other photos by Brightroom

Congratulations Runners!

Half Marathon

Chris Carney in 1:25:53
Liz Elko in 1:26:04


Anna Russell in 1:28:50
Anna Russell, photo by Will Ellison


Cheryl Young in 1:37:47


Kathy Hoenig in 1:38:46


Jeff Le in 1:38:47


Beth Gilbert in 1:39:28


Angela Stewart in 1:44:37


Catherine Crow in 1:45:39


Amy Shopkorn in 1:49:13


Steve LaMantia 1:52:09


Kathleen Walters 1:52:19


Skip Joslin in 1:53:13


Gerald Cabrol in 1:53:42


Tamara Smith in 2:00:02


Liz Bolton in 2:01:09


Mary Smith in 2:01:39


Cheryl Brown in 2:02:43


Katie Ingram in 2:06:00


Katie Bolton in 2:06:40

Greg Barnhart gives the thumbs up to running part of the race coming back from an injury.

Greg Barnhart


Congratulations Runners!

Jamey Burden in 3:12:48
John Lui 3:42:36


Brittany Rhoney 3:49:14


Margaret Will 4:14:19


Jim Brown in 4:19:49


Amanda Morken in 5:33:44




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