Results for Weekend 3-31-12

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Monument Ave 10k
Photos from Brightroom

Nora O’Malley in 39:10

Ann Battle in 39:45

Jenny Ratzel in 40:13


Spring Challenge 10k

Way to Go!
John Herc wins the race, his first as a masters runner, in 38:52


Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
Photos by Cheryl Young
Additional Race Photos here

Great Job Runners!

Rich Saunders in 53:44
Romain Mareuil in 57:33

Andrew Jacobson in 58:59


Kevin D’Amada is 4th in AG in 59:23

Geller Bedoya in 59:59

Jillian Pollack is 1st in AG in 1:01:57

Jillian Goodwin is 2nd in AG in 1:02:21

Sam Lee is 5th in AG in 1:03:26

Tamara Schear in 1:04:03


Pic Coming Soon!

Cristina Burbach is 4th in AG in 1:05:31

Heather Jelen in 1:06:23



Karina Lubell in 1:06:53


Mike Miller in 1:06:57


Amanda Scheer in 1:07:21


Dan Vogel in 1:07:39

Tim Hayes in 1:08:26

Andy Chosak in 1:08:39


Laura Donnelly in 1:09:03

Pic Coming Soon!


Layth Elhassani in 1:09:36 & Jessica McGuire in 1:10:58

Stephanie Denis in 1:13:20

Andie Nelson in 1:13:28

Kathy Hoenig in 1:14:50

Stephanie Manchin in 1:15:47

Elizabeth Clor in 1:15:52

Allison Rainey in 1:22:05

Sarah Haut in 1:22:19

Maria Sherwell in 1:24:08


Katie Ingram in 1:37:05


Elizabeth and Katie Bolton in 1:37:15




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