Results for Weekend 7-16-10

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Run for the Gulf 5k

Liz Hollis takes 4th in her warmup for Rockville Twilight in 21:55


PVTC All Comers 800

Erica Nemmers wins the women’s race in 2:14:04


Rockville Twilight 8k
Photos from,
I tried to find everyone, please let me know if you find a pic that I couldn’t

Great job in some killer heat/humidity.
The thermometer in my car read 91 when I got to the race!

Rich Saunders is 23rd in 26:43
Bennet Stackhouse in 28:02
Yuri Horwitz in 28:02
A little blurry, but I think it's Yuri and I think Rich or Pat is the spot of red behind him.

Kate Neeper is 8th female/3rd AG in 29:57

George Buckheit in 30:15
Buckheit in red

Pat Wilcox in 30:21
Sarah Bard is 12th female in 31:35

Britton Miller is 19th/3rd in AG in 32:19
Lauren Shaub is 22nd in 32:37
Liz Hollis in 34:30
Megan Parker in 34:37
in black top

Jessica McGuire in 34:43
Gustavo Olmedo in 35:03

Katherine Hoenig in 35:12

Maria Sherwell in 36:29 & Katharina Olmedo in 39:38

Cheryl Young in 37:04

Kathleen Walters in 40:05
in Black top

Lesley Cranshaw in 41:32

The Group, Happy with their finish!

Jessica, Maria, Liz, Lauren and Pat


National Press Club 5k

Sarah Taylor is 2nd in 20:54


20 in 24 Lone Ranger Ultramarathon

Congrats to Kay LaBanca on her finish!




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