Results for Weekend 7-28-12

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


DCRRC 2012 DCRR Track Championship Mile & 3k
Photos from
Cheryl Here
Thanks to Elizabeth Clor for THIS Video of the race

Great job Runners!

The Mile
Rich Saunders in 4:33.3
Bennett Stackhouse in 4:40.4
Romain Mareuil in 4:43.9
Tim Tobey in 4:54.0
Mike Miller in 5:00.0
Felipe Cabezas in 5:00.6
Susanna Sullivan is 2nd Female in 5:03.3
Chris Carney in 5:04.7
Eric Laurel in 5:04.9
Rich Rapine in 5:13.1
Elliot Upin in 5:13.5
Dan Vogel in 5:13.8
Brian Dickens in 5:16.2
Kelsey Budd in 5:22.1
Patricia Ekiring in 5:22.6
Greg Richards in 5:23.3
Kate Neeper in 5:23.9
Eugene Holmes in 5:28.5
Jillian Pollack in 5:30.8
Lauren Shaub in 5:31.3
Jamey Burden in 5:32.0
George Buckheit in 5:32.5
Mary Christopher in 5:38.9
Cris Burbach in 5:39.5
Ashley Lowry in 5:43.4
Emily Ruppel in 5:43.8
Mollie Zapata in 5:47.5
Toni Diegoli in 6:00.0
Liz Elko in 6:05.0
Marcy Maple in 6:07.1
Jessica Boucher in 6:12.0
Beth Gilbert in 6:13.7
Allison Rainey in 6:14.8
Stephanie Denis in 6:16.0
Amy Shopkorn in 6:16.5
Jessica Karazsia in 6:16.9
Melissa Van Gelder in 6:25.7
Crystal McGuire in 6:26.8
Steve Garfinkel in 6:37.8
Chris Wilkinson in 7:15.4

Bennett Stackhouse is 3rd in 9:28.0
Rich Rapine in 10:09.7
Susanna Sullivan is 1st Female in 10:12.3
Jessica McGuire is 3rd Female in 11:16.0
Toni Diegoli in 12:00.5


Friends of WO&D 10k
Photo by Tony Estrada Photography

Great Job!
Chris Mills is 3rd OA in 31:28


Pony Pasture 5k

Great Job
Jillian Goodwin comes in 3rd OAF in 18:27


Vibha Dream Mile 5k

Way to Go!
Heather Chapman wins the women’s race in 21:23!




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