Results for Weekend 9-17-11

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


Run! Geek! Run! 8k
Photo of Brandon Hirsch & Elizabeth Clor by RunWashington

Great Job!
Romain Mareuil is 11th OA in 28:47
Brandon Hirsch is 3rd in AG in 29:59
Mark Yarnell in 34:29
Elizabeth Clor is 2nd in AG in 35:53!


CUA Law School’s Race Judicata 5k

Heather Jelen is 2nd OA in 18:40


Warrenton Sprint Triathlon

Great Job!!
Jon Taillon is 2rd in AG in 1:04:03
Swim: 5:00 | Bike: 34:12 | Run: 22:56


Rock ‘n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
Photos by Brightroom
More pre/post-race photos on our FB page

Congratulations Capital Area Runners!

Rich Saunders in 1:11:30

Claire Hallissey is 8th OA in 1:12:41

Eugene Holmes in 1:21:43

Gregory Richards in 1:22:35

Chris Roetlin in 1:23:14

Katie Sheedy in 1:23:34

Mason Brayman in 1:23:35

Sharon Donovan in 1:27:10
in turquoise top

George Buckheit in 1:27:40

Norah O’Malley in 1:27:52

Laura Donnelly in 1:28:05

Michael Miller in 1:29:09

Tenley Ludewig in 1:29:12

Cris Burbach in 1:31:19

Dan Vogel in 1:31:41

Lauren Shaub in 1:32:18

Cheryl Young in 1:32:46

Maria Kozloski in 1:33:04

Emily Norton in 1:33:15

Angela Stewart in 1:41:00

Stephanie Denis in 1:42:44

Amy Shopkorn in 1:42:50


Maggie Muir in 1:44:11

Tara Cucullu in 1:50:37

Kathleen Walters in 1:52:55

Sarah Haut in 1:54:50

Susannah Still in 1:57:36

Michelle Smith in 1:57:38

Katie Ingram in 2:12:16

Cynthia Sambro-Rier in 2:16:00

Mary Smith in 2:21:30

Anne Duffy in 2:28:32

Pre-race Dinner:
Pre-Race dinner at La Locanda Del Ghiottone Restaurant




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