Results for 9/19/209

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!


PVI Fest 5k

Laurel Jefferson is 4th overall in 17:38
Mollie Zapata is 7th in 18:34
Mary Christopher is 13th in 20:32


Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon
Photos from ASIorders

You all did fantastic!

Bob Ferry in 1:21:35 – 7th in AG
Mike Menster in 1:21:40
Eugene Holmes in 1:21:40


Erica Nemmers in 1:24:19
3rd in AG


Toni Diegoli in 1:25:27
3rd in AG


Gustavo Olmedo in 1:25:55
9th in AG


Dan Lesniak in 1:26:39


Sharon Donovan in 1:29:19-6th in AG & Brooke Curran in 1:29:36 – 10th in AG


Mandie Samuels in 1:31:23


Anna Chavis in 1:31:54


Andrew Daly in 1:32:16


George Cernat in 1:32:40


Maria Kozloski in 1:32:44
Go Maria, coming off an injury, great job!


Jessica McGuire in 1:33:52


Angela Stewart in 1:39:06
Go Angela, getting ready to kick it in Chicago

Skip Joslin in 1:45:51
Sweet PR Skip!


Kay LaBanca in 1:51:31


Jim Brown in 1:53:38


Cheryl Young in 1:57:13

Sarah Haut in 1:58:30


Cheryl Brown in 2:07:31
Cheryl, you get cutest picture award! YAY!


Jim Lowery in 2:09:14


Mary Smith in 2:12:17


Congratulations on your FIRST RACE EVER!!
Abby Bysshe in 2:28:10
Congratulations on your first race ever! Wonderful!



New Orleans Rebirth 5k

Liz Bolton returns to the stage in 25:57


Queens Half Marathon
Photos from Brightroom

Go Chip Kerby with your new PR of 1:40:31 – 9th in AG!




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