Today’s header photo is from yesterday’s Cherry Blossom 10 Mile. We missed about 20 people in this team photo, but it was cold and windy and several people needed to get going, so we couldn’t wait any longer to shoot it. As I pointed out on the CAR Facebook Page, it was a good weekend for our CAR team, especially our masters group with Marty McCormick (1st 40-44 AG), Philippe Rolly (1st 50-54 AG) and Mike Sinisi (3rd 60-64 AG) leading the way for our masters men and Cris BurbachTisha Wheeler and Daryle Lademan all picking up top 10 AG finishes for our masters women. Ari Brose won the women’s 60-64 AG at Saturday’s Cherry Blossom 5k. Go CAR!

We had about 50 CARs in action this past weekend at the Cherry Blossom races. With so many people racing, I didn’t have time to research who ran PRs, so my apologies for failing to note that for any of you who had PRs this weekend.

In Sunday’s 10 Miler, Matt Deters and Tom Rammelkampeach ran 53:34 to lead our men’s finishers, followed by Marty McCormick (54:21; 1st 40-44 AG), Philippe Rolly (55:32; 1st 50-54 AG), Patrick Carter (56:03), Alex Peterson (56:36), Thomas Blackwell (1:02:44), Billy Coffin (1:04:08), Alex Fleischner (1:04:37), Brad Hardin (1:04:56), Chris Metzger (1:05:00; first race in 4 years), Matt Stout (1:05:04), Chris Coffman (1:05:44), Mike Sinisi(1:06:36; 3rd 60-64 AG), Larry Grossman (1:06:53; 10th 55-59 AG), Damien O’Halloran (1:07:15), Adam Hale (1:07:54), Matteo Iacoviello (1:08:09), Travis Graham (1:08:24), Nathan Napier(1:08:33), Will Ellison (1:09:03), Stephen Siegel (1:09:58), Chris Carney (1:10:23), JD Hala (1:13:36) and Juan Sanchez (1:21:43; hasn’t trained for the past month, so just ran to make the rest of you feel good about how fast you are). Laurel LeMoigne added to her recent string of outstanding performances with her 59:55 to lead our women’s finishers, followed by Gabrielle McKenzie(1:04:38), Sarah Whitworth (1:05:47), Eve Hoffman (1:07:07), Emma Unterkoefler (1:07:38), Sami King (1:08:16), Bailey Wilson (1:08:48), Cris Burbach (1:10:19; 7th 45-49 AG), Tisha Wheeler(1:12:23; 10th 45-49 AG), Jessica Somers (1:12:32), Daryle Lademan (1:13:06; 10th 50-54 AG), Cheryl Young (1:13:55), Jade Graham (1:13:59), Callie Wallace (1:17:03), Rihana Knotts(1:17:07), Georgia Lagoudas (1:17:38), Jeanette Haas (1:19:08), Laura Chipkin (1:21:41), Emily Vreeland (1:21:41), Izzy Brown (1:21:56), Liz Speck (1:22:02), Allison Rainey (1:37:31; this was a birthday run for Allison), Tracy Gordon (1:39:02; first CB 10 in 8 years) and Liz Bolton (1:43:49; we can all thank Liz for the design of the CAR logo which first appeared back in early 2009).

At Saturday’s Cherry Blossom 5k, Elissa Burack ran 20:34 to finish 11th overall in the women’s race, Joe Emerson ran 22:04 to finish 5th in the men’s 55-59 AG and Ari Brose ran 22:56 to win the women’s 60-64 AG.

Congrats to all!

Pics below: Master CARs Marty McCormickPhilippe Rolly and Cris Burbach in action at the CB 10 Mile (photos by David Resnick).



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