Tracksmith 5k results:
Men: Patrick Carter 16:11.44, Alex Peterson 16:18.65 PR, Marty Pimentel 16:38.87, Scott Davis 16:54.36, David Resnick 17:29.78, Dan Lawver 18:00.87, Matt Stout 18:20.48 PR, Billy Coffin 18:26.52 PR, Trevin Glasgow 18:29.54 PR, Matt Purdin 18:50.63 PR, Brad Hardin 18:51.52, Chris Coffman 18:55.24 PR, David McKenzie 19:35.03, Matteo Iacoviello 19:52.89, Damien O’Halloran 19:58.19
Women: Bailey Wilson 18:35.49 PR, Rihana Knotts 18:46.27, Emma Unterkoefler 18:46.60, Callie Wallace 18:47.81 PR, Mollie Zapata 19:01.07, Eve Hoffman 19:29.79 PR, Andrea Delgado 21:15.37 PR, Anna Bernal 22:08.21, Jessy Delgado 26:27.05 PR

In other news, Lili Peng ran 1:47:57 at the Santa Rosa Half Marathon. Travis Graham ran 4:35:26 and Jade Graham ran 5:33:32 at the Matterhorn Ultraks Mountain Race (32k) in Zermatt, Switzerland. You can assume than any race with “Matterhorn” in the name was extremely hilly.

Congrats to all!

Photo below: CARs who ran Heat #4 at the Tracksmith 5k. Billy ripped off his singlet and did a knee slide across the infield to celebrate crushing his PR, and then put the singlet back on inside out for this picture.



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