Cris Burbach ran the first CAR marathon of the year in Houston, turning in a 3:26:24 performance (splits 1:43:04/1:43:20) which was a BQ and placed her 7th in the women’s 45-49 AG. 

Jeanette Haas ran the Houston Half in 1:47:54 which placed her 23rd in the women’s 50-54 AG. Colorado CAR Tom Derr ran 2:23:07 (PR) to place 23rd overall in the marathon. 

Regina Black ran 45:01 at the Maui Oceanfront 10k which placed her 6th overall in the women’s race and 1st in the 30-34 AG (I would point out to all of you that it is very dangerous to race in warm, tropical climates to which you are not acclimated in the middle of winter without bringing your coach along to remind you to hydrate. You’ve been warned.). 

Callie Wallace traveled to Lynchburg for the Walter Bass HS Invitational and ran 5:33.48 in the 1600m (15th place) and 3:19.90 in the 1000m (PR; 15th place).

Congrats to all!



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