It was a fantastic week of racing for our team with lots of breakthrough performances that resulted in big PRs! But Laurel LeMoigne (pictured above) gets the performance of the weekend with her win at the Shamrock Half Marathon in a PR 1:18:04. Laurel joined CAR in 2008, and 15 years and 3 kids later she came up with the race of her life yesterday in VA Beach. It could be said that her race was the culmination of 15 years of persistence, grit, determination and an unfailing belief that she would one day produce a race that would be looked upon in awe by the rest of us, or it could be that it simply took her 15 years to figure out how to overcome my coaching. Arguments can be made either way. But whatever the case, she was indeed awesome yesterday! Go Laurel!

It was a great weekend! As mentioned above, Laurel LeMoigne was the women’s champ at the Shamrock Half Marathon in a PR 1:18:04 (#9 on the all-time CAR performers list), and there were many more fantastic performances for our CAR team. Also at Shamrock, Tom Rammelkamp finished 3rd overall in the men’s race in 1:10:19 (Tom sits at #10 all-time CAR with his 1:09:51 PR), Patrick Carter knocked 3 1/2 minutes off his previous best with his 1:12:34 PR (#14 all-time CAR), Alex Peterson ran a 1:14:13 PR (#20 all-time CAR), Duncan Goodrich ran 1:21:51 in his debut at the half marathon distance (he was a 400m/800m runner in college), Billy Coffin ran a 1:28:21 PR, Dave Lett ran 1:32:42 and Chris Carney ran 1:44:51 as the official pacer for the 1:45:00 target group (he had to hold a 1:45 sign over his head for the entire race….in the wind….how are your arms feeling today Chris?). For our CAR women, Lindsay Wilkins finished 6th in the masters race and 2nd in the 45-49 AG with her 1:26:34, Eve Hoffman ran a 1:29:18 PR, Michelle Bryceland ran 1:30:01 in her first race since joining CAR and Regina Black took 6+ minutes off her previous best with her 1:36:51 PR.

In the Shamrock 8k, Bailey Wilson ran 31:19 for 4th overall in the women’s race, JD Hala ran 34:40, and Kristin Donlin ran 53:12 to establish a formidable 8k record for CARs-who-are-8-months-pregnant. 

In the FInal Mile kids race at Shamrock, Hudson Wilkins ran 5:58 to finish as the 2nd fastest 9 year old and Caden Wilkins dominated the 6 year old category with his 6:54.

At the Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon, Marty McCormick led our CAR finishers with his 1:11:57 PR (#13 all-time CAR) which won the masters category, Travis Graham ran a 1:30:09 PR, Matt Purdin ran a 1:30:24 PR, Matteo Iacoviello ran 1:30:56, Alexandra Dystant ran a 1:32:10 PR, Tisha Wheeler ran a 1:36:22 PR, Jade Graham ran a 1:38:20 PR, Kimi Markovich ran 1:40:26 and Patt Neff ran 2:09:19 to finish 2nd in the 65-69 AG.

In the Rock n Roll 5k, Elissa Burack ran 20:53 (11th overall woman) and Cris Burbach ran 21:45 (3rd master).

At the NYC Half Marathon, Larry Grossman ran 1:29:22, which I believe is the fastest ever run by a 59 year old CAR.

At the St. Patrick’s Leprechaun 10k, Cheryl Young won the women’s race in 44:32.

Congrats to all!

Let me know if I missed any performances. It was a busy weekend with a lot of results to sift through.



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