10/11/08 Race Results

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!

Baltimore Running Festival

Great Job!!
Tamara Smith at the 1/2 marathon in 2:00:16 – we miss you!
Jackie Klueger at the marathon in 4:59:26 – way to go!!

Chicago Marathon
Photos from marathonfoto.com

Way to Go on what turned out to be an 80 degree day!

Eugene Holmes in 3:06:49
nice 9 minute PR!!
Eugene @ chicago
Brooke Oak in 3:44:54
Brooke at Chicago
Susan Tang in 3:59:10
Susan @ Chicago

Way to Go Leyda Fajardo, Still nursing a bad back but comes in 5:56:26

no photo 🙁

Steamtown Marathon
Photos from runphoto.com

Way to Go!

Kendra Liebert in 3:10:03
-1st in AG & 9th overall!
Kendra @ Steamtown

Mike Menster in 3:12:49

Mike Menster @ Steamtown
Andre Karr in 3:17:17
First Marathon!
Andre @ Steamtown
Laura Cloher in 3:58:54-
Congrats on your PR!

Laura @ Steamtown

Boo! Run for Life

Great Job, Brownrigg Snow in 47:02



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Designer Fitness 5k

Way to go Mary Davison!!
1st Finisher in 18:15

Steamtown Marathon

Kendra Liebert in 3:10:03
-1st in AG & 9th overall!
Kendra @ Steamtown