8/30/2008 – Race Results

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!

VA Beach Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon
Photos from asiorders

Annie Feldman – 1:32:41
RNR Anne Feldman

Liz Bolton – 1:50:43
RNR Liz Bolton

Deby Spicuzza – 1:57:39
RNR Deby Spicuzza

Erin Bereit- 1:57:40
RNR Erin Bereit

Lindsay Bendeck – 1:58:31
RNR Lindsay Bendeck

Tamara Smith – 2:13:09
RNR Tamara Smith

Andre Karr -1:47:44
RNR Andre Karr

You guys ran like some crazzzzy Foxes!

Jimmy Bisese comes in 2:35:14
Janie Hayes comes in 2:39:01

Great Job guys, you’re going to tear up MCM!

Also at the Races
The Pacers|Brooks Elit
e Racing Team
see how they fared:

Hilary Cairns - 18:31.15

Kentlands 5k

Barb Fallon-Wallace takes 3rd in 17:55

VA Beach Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon

Emily Gousen – 1:25:55
RNR Emily Gousen

Erica Nemmers – 1:36:41

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