9/20/2008 – Race Results

Congratulations to all our runners who raced this weekend!

New Orleans Rebirth 5k

Great Job!
Brett Nelson in 20:22
Brooke Curran in 20:28
Cheryl Young in 22:47
Sarah Haut in 23:42
Beth Gilbert in 24:26- after running an 11 mile warmup!

Philly Distance Run
Photos from ASIorders

Way to Go Runners!!

Bob Ferry 8th in AG
in 1:20:42

Mary Beth Muething is 30th
in 1:23:29

Bethany Huber in 1:32:28
 Matt Thuesen in 1:39:13
philly matt
Elizabeth Bolton in 1:45:41
*nice PR even after yesterday!

James Matthews in 2:01:14

No pic 🙁

Bob & Matt

Savage Man Triathlon

Congrats Jimmy Bisese – 1st place in AG!!

High Trek Adventure Race

Pacers Bipartisan Racers Takes 2nd Place!!

Whoo-Hoo! Liz & I ran the scavenger hunt style race in DC as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Racing through the town, we showed how teamwork makes it happen! Doing silly things like headstands in front of a Presidents name, finding a high numbered redskins jersey, getting a picture of someone in a blue GW shirt, we raced about town!

Also at the Races
The Pacers|Brooks Elit
e Racing Team
see how they fared:

New Orleans Rebirth 5k

Bert Rodriguez wins in 15:31
Steve Mance is 2nd in 15:43
Scott Anderson is 4th in 15:58
Erica Nemmers is 2nd in 19:09
Mary Christopher is 4th in 19:35
Audrey Ting is 5th in 19:40
Krystine McGuinn in 22:21 – way to go 1st race back from injury!

Philly Distance Run
Photos from ASIorders

Congrats Runners!!


Veena Reddy 9th in 1:17:18
1st U.S. Female!
philly veena

Lindsay Wilkins 11th in 1:17:54
3rd U.S. Female!

philly lindsay
Ashley Griffith is
29th in 1:23:07

phlly ashley
Tara Farley is
31st in 1:24:12

phlly tara
Barb Fallon Wallace is
34th in 1:24:25

philly barb
Sarah Spalding is
38th in 1:25:11

philly sarah


Nate Brigham in 1:06:56
3rd U.S. Finisher!

philly nate
Bart Borghuis is 35th in 1:09:44
philly bart



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