RNR USA Marathon & Half Marathon
Photos by Jessica Karazsia & Romilio Marin are HERE
Photo of Chris Mills by Charlie Ban/RunWashington

Way to GO!!!

Half Marathon
Chris Mills is 2nd OA in 1:07:03
Jesse Contario is 15th OA/3rd AG in 1:13:07
Matt Deters is 19th OA in 1:14:36
Tim Tobey in 1:17:56
Mike Miller in 1:18:39
Shannon Miller is 4th OAF/1st AG in 1:19:46
Richard Rapine in 1:20:02
Eric Laurel in 1:22:20
Ben Shea in 1:23:10
Kevin D’Amanda is 1st in AG in 1:23:32
Jillian Pollack in 1:25:35
Chris Metzger in 1:25:44
Jamey Burden in 1:31:30
Jessica Roberts in 1:31:42
Paul Lubliner in 1:32:04
Michelle Wills-Jiron 1:34:30
Leanne Till in 1:38:12
Amanda Delp in 1:38:33
Jennifer Schwartz in 1:40:25
Mark Yarnell in 1:40:36
Nicole Steffens in 1:40:45
Jon Taillon 1:42:36
Meredith Gramann in 1:49:06
Mary Bowman in 1:49:52
Skip Joslin in 1:50:28
Julie Adams in 1:51:06
Gerard Cabrol in 1:53:18
Mark Kaufmann in 1:58:35
Crystal Maguire in 1:59:57
Steve LaMantia in 2:01:22

Bill Bokus is 17th OA in 2:53:35
Felipe Cabezas in 3:03:31
Mollie Zapata is 8th OAF/2nd AG in 3:10:11
John Lui runs his 100th Marathon in 3:45:36

Here are some assorted pics:
Photo by Charlie Ban


Lucky Leprachaun 5k
Photos by =PR= Race Series

Great Job Runners!
Capital Area Runners is 2nd in the team competition!
Elliot Upin is 1st in AG in 17:58

Anna Holt-Gosselin is 3rd OAF in 18:19

Kelly Swain is 6th in 18:54
Ashley Kollme is 7th in 19:04

Will Ellison in 19:48

Olesja Ossipenko in 20:59
Allison Rainey in 21:24

Stephanie Denis is 2nd in AG in 21:34

Cheryl Young is 3rd in AG in 22:23

Chris Guarraia in 24:34

Mary Smith in 29:13


Charlottesville 10 Miler

Great Job Runners!
Rich Saunders is 6th OA in 56:49
Jillian Goodwin wins the womens race in 1:02:43

B&A Marathon

Great Job!
Elizabeth Clor is 3rd in AG in 3:48:50


Shamrock Marathon & Half Marathon
Photos by Mary Davison

Great job!!

Half Marathon
Susanna Sullivan is 4th OAF/1st in AG in 1:16:26
Eugene Holmes is 2nd in AG in 1:22:10
Katie Sheedy is 10th OAF in 1:22:29
Kelsey Budd is 11th OAF/2nd AG in 1:23:15
Lauren Shaub is 20th OAF in 1:28:06
Bill Goodrich in 1:28:24
Jacquelyne Chantry in 1:32:34
Laura Chipkin in 1:33:07
Tony Black in 1:33:25
Toni Diegoli in 1:36:21
Heather Chapman in 1:37:31
Patricia Ferrara in 1:38:31

David Barr in 3:01:05
Cris Burbach is 9th OAF/1st AG in 3:08:52
Ann Battle is 12th OAF in 3:10:55
Jamie Lynch in 3:11:29
Jessica Chin is 20th OAF in 3:19:18
Jesse Gordon in 3:21:35
Ana Garcia is 3rd in AG in 3:24:46
Jessica Boucher in 3:33:12
Maria Sherwell in 3:33:12
Marcy Maple in 3:35:31


NYC Half Marathon

Great Job!
Christopher Suarez in 1:25:42



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