Crystal City 5k Friday #3

Way to go Runners!
Elliot Upin in 18:45
Mark Kaufmann in 24:55

Run the D.O.G. 5k
Photos by TriDuo

Way to go C.A.R. Ladies!
Jillian Goodwin is 2nd OAF in 18:16

Nora O’Malley is 3rd OAF in 18:56  

Pikes Peek 10k
Cheryl’s photos HERE
Facebook Gallery HERE

Fast Times CAR!
Chris Mills is 8th OA in 29:09

Pat Fernandez is 20th OA in 30:42

Rich Saunders in 31:38

Erin Taylor is 15th OAF in 35:28

Laurel LeMoigne is 20th OAF in 36:47

Greg Richards in 36:52

Jillian Pollack in 37:41

Chris Suarez in 37:52

Chris Burbach is 2nd in AG in 39:15

Mary Davison is 3rd in AG in 39:22

Jessica Chin in 39:56

Jessica McGuire in 41:02

Robin Vennaman in 42:14

Gustavo Olmedo in 42:27

Stephanie Denis in 43:57

Janet Braunstein in 45:22
(no pic 🙁 )

Madelyn Saunders in 46:03

George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler

Way to go Runners!
Eric Laurel in 1:00:37
Shannon Miller wins the womens race in 1:01:04
John Haederle in 1:09:10
Jon Taillon in 1:11:55
Lauren Tindall in 1:20:18

Coyote Chase 5k

Great Job!
Anna Holt-Gosselin is 1st OAF in 19:44
Liz Hollis is 2nd OAF in 20:50



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