Several CARs got out of town for the weekend for some races in more temperate climates. Susanna Sullivan finished 10th overall at the USATF Cross Country Championship 10k in San Diego in 36:11, Beth Conlon ran 41:54 to finish 5th in the US Military category, and Maeve Roach had a good race going until a mishap in the final mile resulted in a DNF. Sharon Snyder and Regina Black traveled to Orlando for the Disney Marathon. Sharon matched David McKenzie’s feat from last month and tied her PR to the exact second running 3:21:35 (18th place overall female) and Regina ran 3:48:45 in her debut at the distance. Those were some solid performances in 65-70 degree temperatures with a dose of Florida humidity thrown in. Jessica Chin Somers had to deal with somewhat different weather issues while running 43:07 to place 3rd in the 35-39 AG at the Joe Kleinerman 10k in Central Park. Wind chills were in the single digits in NYC on Saturday. Jess hopes to regain full use of her extremities by the spring.

Congrats to all! If I missed any results, please let me know and I’ll get it into next week’s newsletter.

Photos below: (Left photo) Regina Black and Sharon Snyder in the pre-dawn darkness awaiting the start of Disney Marathon. The time stamp on the text that Regina sent with this photo was 3:36 AM. That’s just wrong. (Right photo) Notre Dame alums Molly Seidel and Susanna Sullivan following the USATF XC race. It must be cool for an Olympic medalist to be able to say that they know someone who runs for CAR.



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