Susanna Sullivan ran 38:03 to finish 12th overall in the women’s race and Kristin Roberts ran 52:37 at the Falmouth Road Race (7.01 miles) on Cape Cod. I linked some Running and Racing video footage that includes both of them on the CAR Facebook page and the Message Board.

We had a lot of great performances at last week’s 1 mile and 800m time trials. The results:

1 Mile:   800m:  
Thomas Ryba4:40.7  Thomas Ryba2:16.2 
Patrick Carter4:49.3  Rihana Knotts2:24.2PR
David Kent5:05.3  Sam Schilling2:24.4PR
Sam Schilling5:10.4PR Matt Purdin2:28.6PR
Emma Unterkoefler5:10.7PR Erin Toner2:31.2 
Rihana Knotts5:15.3PR David McKenzie2:33.7PR
Matt Purdin5:24.0PR Libby Davidson2:35.9 
Libby Davidson5:26.1  Callie Wallace2:39.0 
David McKenzie5:30.2  Andrea Delgado2:51.2PR
Kylee Garcia Carillo5:34.1  Alex Bogetic2:57.5 
Callie Wallace5:35.0  Kimi Markovich2:58.3PR
Bailey Wilson5:36.5PR    
Erin Toner5:47.8     
JD Hala5:51.5PR    
Andrea Delgado6:08.0PR    
Kimi Markovich6:27.3     
Romilio Marin7:25.0     
Leila Carney7:45.8PR    

Congrats to all!

Photo Below: The start of last week’s 1 mile time trial at the WLHS track. This pic would seem to indicate that there may have been a false start by eventual winner Thomas Ryba that was missed by the official in charge. To avoid future controversies and the subjecting of the meet official to derisive taunts such as “Are you blind?!” (which, in fact, I am) The Time Trial Rules Committee will meet during the off-season to discuss the possibility of implementing video review of start violations at next year’s events.



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