On a weekend when the heat and humidity made running fast times almost an impossibility, we had what I think was one of our best team racing weekends ever in terms of how well all of you competed, and several of you even managed to run some PRs. It was a lot of fun to watch (particularly because I didn’t have to sweat and suffer the way the rest of you did….it’s good to be the coach).

At Friday night’s Tracksmith 5k, Thomas Ryba was fastest among our men with his 16:19.37, followed by Patrick Carter in 16:23.56, Dave Resnick in 17:27.98 (PR), Brad Hardin in 18:19.61 (PR), Matt Purdin in 19:00.35 (PR), David McKenzie in 19:09.49 and Damien O’Halloran in 19:49.75. Rachel Viger led our women in 17:24.99 (4th fastest overall among women in the meet), followed by Rihana Knotts in 18:18.44 (PR), Emma Unterkoefler in 18:21.51 (PR), Libby Davidson in 18:30.28, Bailey Wilson in 19:09.20, Kylee Carillo in 19:12.53 (PR), Callie Wallace in 19:47.90 (PR and winner of Heat #4), Sharon Snyder in 20:44.01, and Tusa Rutherford in 21:33.16.

At Sunday’s Annapolis 10 Mile, Laurel LeMoigne finished 2nd overall in the women’s race in 1:02:29, followed by Hannah Guerard in 1:03:08 (4th overall), Gabrielle McKenzie in 1:05:49 (7th overall), Lindsay Wilkins in 1:06:24 (9th overall and 3rd master), Sami King in 1:10:38 and Regina Black in 1:16:44 (PR). Dave Resnick (1:04:33) was the only one of our guys to race, and also the only CAR to do the Tracksmith 5k/Annapolis 10 Mile double.

At Sunday’s South Lakes 10k, Greg Mariano (32:50) and Matt Deters(32:59) finished 2nd and 3rd overall. Jessica Chin Somers ran 44:31 at the Grete’s Great Gallop 10k in NYC’s Central Park.

That was some fantastic racing in very difficult weather conditions! Congrats to all!

Photos below: Matt Deters and Greg Mariano at the South Lakes 10k (photo by PR Racing); Laurel LeMoigne and Dave Resnick at the Annapolis 10 Mile.



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