Today’s header photo is of Susanna Sullivan on her way to an 11th place finish in 15:46 at the US 5k Road Championship in NYC this past weekend. The bigger news for Susanna appears in the latest World Athletics Marathon rankings which have Susanna as the #4 ranked US marathoner and #85 in the world rankings. Click here for the US rankings and here for the world rankings.

After having relatively good luck with the weather conditions on race days for most of this season, Mother Nature decided to be in a foul mood this past weekend and unleashed some rain and gale force winds in Indianapolis and summer-like heat and humidity in NYC for the marathons in those cities. Despite the conditions, CARs still turned in some remarkably good performances in both locations.

In Indianapolis, Philippe Rolly led the way for our CAR finishers while winning the men’s 50-54 AG in 2:37:42, followed by David Kent in 3:00:35 (6th place 50-54 AG) and Matt Purdin in 3:26:25 (PR).

In the accompanying Indy Half Marathon, Kentucky CAR Katy Presley finished 5th overall in the women’s race in 1:12:40 (PR) and Patrick Carter also managed to run a PR in 1:16:03.

In the NYC Marathon, Gabrielle McKenzie ran a very smart and patient race to become the 36th CAR woman to break 3 hours in a marathon with her 2:58:59 (PR; 50th place overall; splits 1:30:16/1:28:43), followed by Amanda Scheer in 3:37:09 (splits 1:49:14/1:47:55), Larry Grossmanin 3:48:40 and Dave Lett in 4:05:26.

As noted above, Susanna Sullivan finished 11th in 15:46 in the US 5k Road Championship contested the day before the NYC Marathon. 

Matt Deters was the overall winner at the Westminster 5k in 16:44. 

Callie Wallace closed out her sophomore cross country season at the Maret School with an 8th place finish in the DCSAA Championship in 21:14. Callie was 30th in this race last year as a freshman. 

Congrats to all!



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