Today’s header photo is of Bailey WilsonNatalia Henry and Joe Emerson prior to the start of Saturday’s Richmond Half Marathon. Bailey and Natalia picked up top 20 finishes in the race. Full results below.

More foul weather greeted us in Richmond this past weekend for the marathon and half marathon. Race temps climbed into the 70s with no cloud cover and very little shade along the courses. Several of you still managed some impressive race performances.

In the marathon, Tom Rammelkamp ran a very disciplined and patient race to finish 5th overall in 2:35:32 (splits 1:17:56/1:17:36), followed by Elena Wirz in 3:46:57 and Caroline Lauver in 4:21:27.

In the half marathon, Matt Deters led our men’s finishers in 1:10:56 (7th overall), followed by Greg Mariano in 1:11:39 (11th overall), Alex Peterson in 1:16:15 (PR), Eric Genetti in 1:22:09 (3rd place 45-49 AG), Travis Graham in 1:31:32, Chris Carney in 1:35:12, Will Ellison in 1:37:53, Joe Emerson in 1:38:48 and JD Hala in 1:40:32. Baily Wilson led our women’s finishers in 1:27:42 (13th overall; tied her PR; gotta show some of that unrelenting devotion that FLW mentions in today’s quote and dive at the finish line Bailey), followed by Natalia Henry in 1:29:12 (20th overall), Eve Hoffman in 1:36:22, and Jade Monk in 1:43:14. 

Ari Brose was 2nd overall female (1st master) at the Miriam’s Kitchen 5k in 23:55.

Congrats to all!



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