We had CARs racing at a wide variety of Turkey Trots this past week. I’m sure I’m missing a few results, but here’s what I’ve got.

At The Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile, Matt Deters led our finishers in 25:21 (16th place overall), followed by Laurel LeMoigne in 29:26 (10th overall), Bailey Wilson in 30:13 (PR; 15th overall), Damien O’Halloran in 32:41, JD Hala in 33:49 (PR), Erin Toner in 34:43, Matt Purdin in 37:56 and Sarah Haut in 41:46.

Kentucky CAR Katy Presley was 5th overall in the women’s race in 26:51 (PR).

At the Trot for Hunger 5k, Callie Wallace was 9th overall and 2nd in the 15-19 AG in 19:26 (PR). 

Chris Carney ran 18:56 at the Arlington Turkey Trot 5k. 

Eve Hoffman was 10th overall and 2nd in the 35-39 AG in 43:02 (PR) at the Bethesda Chase 10k. 

Billy Coffin ran 18:57 (PR) to finish 7th overall at the Mercer County Turkey Trot. 

Brad Hardin ran 40:27 at the 30A 10k in Rosemary Beach, FL. 

Joe Emerson ran 21:02 at the Talbot County YMCA Turkey Trot. 

Ari Brose was 3rd overall and 1st master in 24:50 at the Cary NC Turkey Chase 5k.

And then I got this note from Travis Graham: “Jade and I decided to pop into the United Way Savannah Turkey Trot (4 miles) just before our wedding down there this Friday. Jade finished in 27:25 (PR) for 2nd in her age group and I ran a 24:40 (PR).” and my reaction was “Wait a minute! You got married?!?!” Congrats to Travis and Jade! On the PRs of course.

Possibly the biggest racing news from the weekend were the performances of Hudson Wilkins (son of Lindsay Wilkins) and Sloane Miller (daughter of Britton Stackhouse) at the Trot for Hunger 5k in DC. Both were 2nd in the 10 and under AG with Hudson running 21:23 (PR; he ran 2 seconds faster than his mom in this race….she’s never been much of a kicker) and Sloane running 24:46 (PR; mile splits 8:18, 7:50, 7:26). Britton (one of the CAR founding members back in 2003) and Lindsay (who joined us about 4 months after we started the team) have been bombarded with my “start slow, finish fast” writings for 19 years now and I have often wondered if long term exposure to the CAR newsletters could possibly lead to actual DNA alterations in the readers. And now I have the exciting first clues that not only are the DNA alterations possible, the implanted “start slow, finish fast” gene can be passed on to CAR offspring! Hudson and Sloane are also probably walking around thinking to themselves “I don’t understand why I have this constant urge to be hydrating.” BTW, Caden Wilkins rocked the untimed kids 1 mile fun run. He’s going to be crushing 5ks soon.

Pic below: Hudson Wilkins, Britton Stackhouse, Sloane Miller, Lindsay Wilkiins and Caden Wilkins at the Trot for Hunger 5k.



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