At the Wineglass Half Marathon, Emma Unterkoefler ran a huge PR 1:22:55 (previous best 1:29:28) to finish 7th overall among the women, Mollie Zapata ran 1:26:12 to finish 10th overall among the women and Chris Coffman ran 1:25:38 (PR) to finish 6th in the men’s 40-44 AG. 

Rebecca Gradyran 5:10:54 at the extremely hilly Adirondack Marathon to finish 2nd in the women’s 45-49 AG. In XC action, 

Ashton Blackwell ran 26:18 to finish 3rd overall at an 8k XC race at Lake Accotink. 

Callie Wallace finished 4th overall in 21:26 at the Mark Ferris XC Invitational on a course that was a bit longer than the advertised 5k. Congrats to all!

Photo below: Similar to Pheidippides single word pronouncement at the conclusion of that very first marathon, and his failure to include the detail of how fast he had just run (hence costing himself world record recognition and any mention of his performance in the next day’s CAR newsletter), this was the single word text that I received from Emma following her run at yesterday’s Wineglass Half Marathon, which was followed by no reply to my question. A search of the internet was required to find the details of her performance (and I received later confirmation of her survival). Congrats again to Emma on her monster performance! But the suspense was killing me.



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