Today’s header photo is of the Delgado sisters, Andrea and Jessy, showing off their post-race swag at the Army 10 Mile, which included new PRs for both of them!

At the Chicago Marathon, Philippe Rolly ran a 2:35:45 (splits 1:17:11/1:18:34) to finish 9th in the men’s 50-54 AG, followed by Nic Franklin in 3:12:15 (PR; splits 1:35:07/1:37:08), Jessica Hawkenin 3:15:15 (PR; splits 1:39:51/1:35:24), Cris Burbach in 3:20:29 (splits 1:40:39/ 1:39:50) and Daryle Lademan in 3:27:01 (splits 1:45:50/1:41:11). This race served as the World Masters Marathon Championship. Congrats to Philippe on his top 10 AG finish. Cris (125th in the 45-49 AG) and Daryle (110th in the 50-54 AG) posted times that would normally place them significantly higher in their AGs, but their placings yesterday speak to the incredible depth of the competition in all of the masters AGs at this race.

We had an enormous presence at yesterday’s Army 10 Miler, with Alex Peterson leading the way among our men’s finishers in 55:05 (PR; 4th in the 40-44 AG), followed by Marty Pimentel in 55:32 (PR), Scott Davis in 59:31, David Kent in 1:02:28 (4th in the 50-54 AG), Dave Resnick in 1:03:18, Trevin Glasgow in 1:02:49 (PR), Kenny Rayner in 1:03:08, Brad Hardin in 1:03:56 (PR), Billy Coffin in 1:04:12 (PR), JD Hala in 1:09:45, Chris Carney in 1:11:13, Matteo Iacoviello in 1:11:15, and Chuck Harper in 1:18:51. Cody Hodgins, who recently started joining us for weekend runs but we don’t yet have him in a CAR singlet, ran 53:02 (PR) to finish 20th overall in the men’s race. Laurel LeMoigne led our women’s finishers in 59:14 (PR; 7th place overall), followed by Hannah Guerard in 1:02:05 (15th overall, although they still don’t have her in the results), Gabrielle McKenzie in 1:02:44 (PR; 20th overall), Baily Wilson in 1:03:28 (PR; 27th overall), Rihana Knotts in 1:03:57 (PR; 30th overall), Eve Hoffman in 1:06:24 (PR), Sami King in 1:07:32, Tisha Wheeler in 1:11:33 (4th in the 45-49 AG), Sharon Snyder in 1:11:41, Andrea Delgado in 1:13:16 (PR), Ashley Keating in 1:13:22 (PR), Caroline Lauver in 1:18:12, Kylee Carrillo in 1:19:12, Kimi Markovich in 1:19:33, Rebecca Grady in 1:29:42, Jessy Delgado in 1:30:29 (PR), and Jamie Miller in 1:43:33 (PR).

In other racing news, Stephen Siegel was the overall winner (and 1st master) at the Arizona Heroes Memorial 10k in 42:33. 

Lili Peng was 5th overall female and 2nd master at The Run for Education in San Ramon, CA in 22:43. 

Ashton Blackwell finished 10th overall at the Dashing Dukes XC Invitational 8k in 26:59. 

Congrats to all!



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