Stretches from Capital Area Runners’ Asst Coach and Physical Therapist, Lauren Shaub DPT

Lauren Shaub, DPT, a Physical Therapist at Virginia Hospital Center, as well as Capital Area Runners Asst. Coach, has put together some stretches for our runners. Stretching plays an important role for runners; it increases flexibility and prevents injuries. Also check out our Strengthening for Runners page to see the exercises Lauren recommends.

Stretches for Runners: These are recommended for after running. I recommend a dynamic warm up (ie. running drills) prior to your run. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds, up to three times each leg. There are a ton of different stretches out there! These are a few basics. Stretching should be slightly uncomfortable but not painful!!

IT Band Stretch:

Keep abdominals pulled in!
IT Band

Hamstring Stretch:

Keep your back straight as you hinge at your hips. 

Quadriceps Stretch:

Keep abdominals pulled in and your back straight. 
Keep your thighs parallel to each other. 

Hip Flexor Stretch:

Keep your abdominals pulled in to feel the stretch in the front of your hip. 
hip flexor

Calf Stretch:

Keep your heel down and your back foot pointing straight ahead. 


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