Lawyers Have a Heart 5k/10k

Great Job Runners!

Erin Taylor is 1st OAF in 18:08
Ashley Kollme is 2nd OAF in 19:07
Mary Christopher is 20:33 OAF in 20:33

Chris Mills is 1st OA in 31:13
Matt Deters in 34:14
Susanna Sullivan is 2nd OAF in 34:49
Eugene Holmes is 3rd AG in 39:10
Chris Suarez in 39:43
John Haederle is 2nd in AG in 40:30
Jessica Chin in 40:37
Emily Rupell in 41:26
Jessica Roberts in 41:35
Tony Black is 2nd in AG in 41:48
Jeff Le in 41:50
Laura Chipkin in 43:45
Tenley Ludwig in 44:07
Allison Rainey in 45:37
Jessica Boucher in 46:04
Janet Braunstein is 1st in AG in 46:18

Thanks to George Banker for this photo:

Thanks to Stephanie Denis for these photos:

Twilight Festival 4 Miler
Photos from =PR= Race Series

Way to Go Runners!

Jillian Pollack is 3rd OAF in 25:05
=PR=Race Series

Jessica McGuire is 4th OAF/1st AG in 25:19

Liz Hollis is 2nd in AG in 27:05
=PR= Race Series

Robin Vanneman in 29:09

Oakley Women’s Mini 10k

Great Job!!
Amanda Scheer in 42:35

Ocean Blast Beach Trail Marathon

Way to Go!
Anna Zieleski wins the race in 3:10:58

Allstate 13.1 Chicago

Good Job!
Daryle Lademan in 1:39:29

PVTC All Comers Meet Track Mile

Way to Go!
Cris Burbach in 5:35



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