Jessica Chin Somers was 7th overall female and 1st in the 35-39 AG at the SHAPE + Health 5.8 Mile Central Park Loop in NYC in 38:54. I think I can safely say that’s a CAR record for the 5.8 mile distance. Chicago CAR Tony Gao reports that he was 2nd overall at the San Diego Beach and Bay 10k in 36:33 (PR). Marisa Poe and Callie Wallace ran in a scrimmage at Sidwell Friends with Marisa running 2:34 for 800m, 1:07.5 for 400m and 32.5 for 200m all in the span of about 35 minutes and Callie running 2:43 for 800m and 1:11.2 for 400m. Congrats to all!



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