Susanna Sullivan finished 2nd at the Raleigh Relays 5k in 15:38.4 (PR and CAR club record). At the Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon, Laurel LeMoigne ran a PR 1:19:38 (5th overall female; #11 All-time CAR) and Kristin Roberts was the official pacesetter for the 1:45:00 pace group and finished in 1:44:51 (pretty good pacing; I think she should volunteer to lead the 1:15:00 group next year and aim for a similar result). Gabrielle McKenzie was 2nd overall female in 1:16:37 at the Marine Corps 17.75k (I’m pretty sure this is a CAR club record for that distance). Cris Burbach was 2nd overall female (1st master) at the Scope It Out 5k in 22:11. Congrats to all!



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