Susanna Sullivan led almost wire-to-wire at the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile to pick up the win in 52:32 (PR; #11 all-time US women). Next across the line for our women’s team was Emma Unterkoefler (1:05:23 PR) followed by Maeve Roach (1:05:59), Gabrielle McKenzie (1:06:24 PR), Rihana Knotts (1:07:07 PR), Sami King (1:07:35 PR), Elissa Burack (1:07:40 PR), Sharon Snyder (1:07:50 PR), Kristin Roberts (1:09:01), Daryle Lademan (1:10:42; 3rd place 50-54 AG), Jade Monk (1:13:45), Laura Chipkin (1:16:08), Regina Black (1:17:15 PR), Erin Toner (1:17:47), Callie Wallace (1:22:38) and Elinor Kim (1:25:27). I would note that Callie and Elinor were just doing this as there Sunday long run. Greg Mariano led our men’s finishers in 51:48, followed by Matt Deters (51:52), Tom Rammelkamp (53:28), Marty McCormick (54:21 PR; 3rd place master), Patrick Carter (58:29 PR), David Wannlund (59:05), David Kent (59:10), Erik Bates (1:03:11), Matt Purdin (1:04:53 PR), Brad Hardin (1:08:35), Will Ellison (1:09:37), Travis Graham (1:10:15), Chris Carney (1:11:37) and Tony Black (1:20:11). Cris Burbach was the winner of the women’s division of the Cherry Blossom 5k in 21:08, giving CAR a sweep of the CB women’s races. Carolyn Hennessy was 5th overall at the Capital 10 Miler in Harrisburg, PA in 1:12:12. In high school track action, Marisa Poe won both the 1600m (5:27.35) and the 800m (2:36.51) and Callie Wallace was 2nd in the 1600m (5:55.14) and 3rd in the 800m (2:41.96) at the Cronly Invitational at Episcopal HS. Between the 2 of them, Marisa and Callie scored 34 of the Maret School’s 39.5 points in the meet. Congrats to all!



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