Virginia is for Lovers 14k

Way to Go!
Jesse Contario is 4th OA/1st AG in 47:05
Mary Davison is 9th OAF/1st Female Master in 57:11

Run Your Heart Out 5k
Photos from =PR= Race Series

Way to Go Runners!
Susanna Sullivan is 1st OAF in 17:03

Heather Jelen is 4th OAF/1st AG in 18:39

Anna Holt-Gosselin is 5th OAF/1st AG in 18:47

Jessica Roberts is 9th OAF/3rd AG in 19:29

Jillian Pollack is 10th OAF/2nd AG in 19:40

Liz Hollis is 1st in AG in 21:27

Dan Vogel paces Cheryl Young in 22:11

Pam Champlain in 31:56

Marcy Maple paces a friend in her 1st race in 33:49


Love the Run You’re With 5k
Photos from Swim Bike Run Photography

Way to Go Runners!
Chris Mills wins the men’s race with a PR of 14:51

Nora O’Malley is 2nd OAF in a PR of 18:30

Elyse Braner is 4th OAF in 19:15

Sweetheart 8k

Great Job!
Jillian Goodwin is 2nd OAF in 30:31



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