Alex Wilson Invitational at Notre Dame 5k

Susanna Sullivan runs a PR in 16:40 for 9th Place!


Bright Beginnings 5k
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Great Job Runners!!
Chris Mills is 1st in 15:16
Jesse Contario is 2nd in 16:52
Mike Miller is 5th in 17:17
Bill Bokus IS 7th OAM in 17;48
Eric Laurel is 8th OAM in 17:58
Erin Taylor is 2nd OAF in 18:23
Chris Metzger is 10th OAM in 18:27
Laurel LeMoigne is 3rd OAF in 18:28
Anna Holt-Gosselin is 4th OAF in 18:33
Nora O’Malley is 5th OAF in 18:33
Heather Jelen is 6th OAF in 18:42
Ashley Kollme is 7th OAF in 19:01
John Ferguson in 19:03
Shannon Miller is 9th OAF in 19:13
Chris Burbach is 10th OAF in 19:20
Jesse Gordon in 19:23
Jillian Pollack in 19:28
Britton Miller in 19:29
Jessica Chin in 19:36
Elyse Braner in 20:01
Will Ellison in 20:05
John Lui in 20:22
Laura Chipkin in 20:32
Allison Rainey in 20:47
Maria Sherwell in 20:51
Sharon Donovan in 20:53
Marcy Maple in 20:58
Jessica Boucher in 21:01
Patricia Ferarra in 21:06
Daryle Lademan in 21:06
Romilio Marin in 21:19
Elizabeth Clor in 21:47
Stephanie Denis in 22:24
Jamie Burket in 23:07
Luis Carbonell in 23:15
Gerard Cabrol in 23:50
Chris Wilkinson in 24:01


Centennial 37 Mile Trail Run

Way to Go Runners!!
Anna Zielaski is 1st OAF in a course record of 5:09:05


Reston 10 Miler
Cheryl’s Photos HERE

Way to Go!
Amy Shopkorn PRs in 1:13:03


Great Job!!
Meredith Gramann in 1:47:45

SemiMarathon de Paris


Backyard Burn 10 Miler

Way to go!!
Greg Richards in 1:21:58


Burke Lake 12k

Great Job!!
Janet Braunstein is 2nd in AG in 56:50



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