Today’s header photo is of Ashton Blackwell and Thomas Blackwell with about 1 mile to go in the Richmond Half Marathon.

It was a great weekend of racing with a lot of fantastic performances at the Richmond races. In the Richmond Marathon, David McKenzie led our finishers in 3:06:56 (8th place in the 45-49 AG), followed by Ashley Keating in 3:21:03 (PR; previous best 3:44:18; splits 1:40:36/1:40:27; #6 on the all-time CAR women’s masters marathon performers list), Andrea Delgado in 3:23:22 (PR; previous best 3:31:55) and Jessy Delgado in 4:40:04. Nora Purdin (Matt’s mom) ran 4:48:04 (PR; splits 2:25:30/2:22:34; 4th place in the 65-69 AG). In the Richmond Half Marathon, Laurel LeMoigne led our women’s finishers (and all CAR finishers) in 1:17:08 (PR; 2nd place overall; 1st in the 35-39 AG; #6 on the all-time CAR women’s half marathon performers list), followed by Bailey Wilson in 1:23:53 (PR; 19th overall; 6th 35-39 AG), Mollie Zapata in 1:23:54 (PR; 20th overall; 7th 35-39 AG), Lindsay Wilkins in 1:26:25 (25th overall, 2nd master; 1st in the 45-49 AG), Sharon Snyder in 1:33:08, Elissa Burack in 1:33:14, Elena Wirz in 1:33:38 (PR), Caroline Lauver in 1:42:07 and Marjorie Henriquez in 2:04:33. Thomas Blackwell led our CAR men’s finishers in 1:18:52 (PR), followed by Ashton Blackwell in 1:20:12, David Kent in 1:21:09 (2nd in the 50-54 AG), Trevin Glasgow in 1:21:15 (PR), Jesse Contario in 1:22:05 (10th in the 40-44 AG), Kenny Rayner in 1:22:15, Chris Coffman in 1:26:17, Adam Hale in 1:26:30, Gildas LeMoigne in 1:26:33 (PR; 2nd overall LeMoigne family), Brad Hardin in 1:26:43, Matt Stout in 1:27:12, JD Hala in 1:33:00 (PR), Nic Franklin in 1:34:13 (PR) and Joe Emerson in 1:37:52 (12th in the 55-59 AG). In the Richmond 8k, Marty Pimentel was the first CAR across the finish line in 26:39 (PR), followed by Duncan Goodrich in 28:25 (PR), Matt Purdin in 30:41 (PR), Misha Suresh in 31:50 (PR; 13th overall female) and Michelle Bryceland in 36:49.

In non-Richmond race action, Matt Deters was 2nd overall male in 17:02 and Jenn Dietz was 2nd overall female in 21:26 at the Westminster School 5k. This was the first foray into racing for the sleep deprived Deters/Dietz clan following the arrival 5 months ago of Taylor Ann Deters Dietz.

Congrats to all!

Pics belowJenn Dietz and Matt Deters at the Westminster Schools 5k with future CAR Taylor who is looking decidedly unimpressed (“Gimme a break. They think they’re so fast, but I’m always a step ahead of them when I’m in the stroller and I can’t even walk yet.”), and Andrea Delgado and Ashley Keating flash their post-race marathon bling following their big PRs in Richmond. Ashley’s 23+ minute PR moved her into the CAR all-time masters top 10 rankings.



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