Today’s header pic is of Matt PurdinKylee CarilloElissa Burack and Sami King before the start of yesterday’s Philadelphia Distance Run. They ran as a pack for most of the race and all finished within 1 minute of each other.

Sunday’s weather was a bit warm, but several CARs still managed to post some outstanding half marathon performances and a handful of PRs.

At the Philadelphia Distance Run, Matt Deters led our men’s finishers in 1:10:54, followed by Greg Mariano in 1:11:51, Matt Purdin in 1:31:44 and Will Ellison in 1:37:24. Susanna Sullivan finished 5th overall (1st American) in the women’s race in 1:11:58, followed by Kylee Carillo in 1:31:31, Sami King in 1:31:44, Elissa Burack in 1:32:21 (PR), Jessica Chin Somers in 1:34:10 and Jesse Delgado in 2:00:53 (PR). 

At the DC Half Marathon, Rachel Viger finished 3rd overall in the women’s race in 1:18:14 (PR) followed by Laurel LeMoignein 1:20:18 (5th overall), Libby Davidson in 1:25:37 and Cris Burbach in 1:34:05. Thomas Ryba led our men’s finishers in 1:17:59 (PR) followed by Brad Hardin in 1:24:56 (PR) and Sam Schilling in 1:26:14 (PR).

Kentucky CAR (KAR?) Katy Presley was the women’s winner (and 5th overall) at the Iron Horse Half Marathon in 1:14:11 (Course Record; previous record 1:18:35). 

Chris Carney ran 19:44 to finish 6th overall and 3rd master at the Run for the Schools 5k. 

Amanda Scheer ran 1:15:26 at the Bronx 10 Miler.

In HS XC action, Callie Wallace finished 5th overall at the Episcopal HS 5k in 21:35.

Congrats to all!



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