The fall marathon season opened for us in Berlin with Hannah Guerard leading the way for our CAR finishers in 2:59:49, followed by Billy Coffin in 3:08:20 (PR; splits 1:37:14/1:31:06), Damien O’Halloran in 3:20:49 (splits 1:41:41/1:39:08) and Regina Black in 3:28:44 (PR; splits 1:44:11/1:44:33). 

Daryle and Ken Lademan finished together in 1:22:41 at La Grande Classique Paris-Versailles 16k. Daryle tanked this one since she’s got London Marathon coming up on Sunday. 

Sarah Haut finished 3rd in the 50-54 AG at the Run Geek Run 5k in 25:25. 

In HS XC action, Callie Wallace finished 10th overall at the Georgetown Prep XC Classic 5k in 21:05. 

Demian Hess finished 4th overall and 1st in the 55-59 AG in 1:02:30 at the Mighty Metapeake Multisport Festival duathlon. 

Congrats to all!



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